Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas is different in 'Father of Lies'.

Supernatural Horror set in a bleak asylum on the moors of northern England....the darker side of Christmas...


Rubys singing tailed off as she turned to look at Becky with a puzzled expression. Then abruptly she faced the window again and began to hum - a loud, monotonous, mmmmmmmmm -  which rose in volume and tone, along with an increasingly violent rocking motion, so that her head kept hitting the wall behind with a sickening crack.  
            Working herself up again, Becky thought. God, what on earth had made this woman this way? Somehow shed functioned in the outside world for over twenty-five years before shed put herself on the radar with an attempted murder charge, and made it to the unit. Now twenty-seven, and sometimes as rational as the next person, it was clear shed been seriously damaged at some point in her life. But who could help her if she wouldnt talk? And with no known relatives and no identity, it was all the more a mystery. Who was she and where had she come from?
            But to ask…again…and risk the wrath of the raging monster within…well not today! And definitely not alone. Best to try and calm her down before she did herself an injury. Beckys hand hovered over the panic alarm she kept on her person at all times: if she touched Ruby in an effort to stop her from harming herself, the situation could escalate in any number of ways and shed need help.
            Outside, the insidious mizzle from the moors had darkened the evening to a foggy gloom, reflecting the womens ghostly faces in the window; an oblong of buttery light bathing the sodden lawn. 
            Rubys rocking was escalating, the humming reaching jet-engine proportions.
            Becky kept her voice low and even. “Ruby? Its Becky. Would you like some tea? Weve got chocolate digestives today! Come on, love, youre hitting your head. Theres a good girl.”
            The humming ceased unexpectedly.
            Ruby swung round. The stare blank. Eyes dead.


Just what horrors has this woman locked away in her mind...and will the staff who try to help her get away unscathed? Oh I doubt it, don't you? In fact, they have no idea what they're dealing with. 
If you like your horror creepy and thought-provoking, wondering who is there in the dark watching are the links to click -

*News* Father of Lies is now a second edition. Also - a sequel is underway - more news on that in the early part of 2016! Thank you to everyone who has read and kindly reviewed my first supernatural horror novel. You have encouraged me to continue the story... Happy New Year! 


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