Monday, 15 February 2016

New edition Paperback: Father of Lies with Authors Reach

First some really exciting stuff - 

One of the members of Authors Reach is prolific crime writer Catriona King who has a radio show on Wednesday mornings. All of Authors Reach have been interviewed now but it's my turn this week. I am on Belfast Radio on Wednesday Morning...  you can hear it online via   at 10.15am Wed. 17th Feb. Yes, I'm nervous!

Next ! There is a new paperback edition of  Father of Lies - that is imminent! Both for the bookstores and for Amazon.

It is currently being updated on amazon in line with the bookstore edition and in conjunction with Authors Reach. The new version has the new cover and is further edited and formatted - it should be ready by mid week and I will post when it is.
I can see that older copies are still being sold on amazon - all I can say is that they won't be as tightly scripted or have the lovely new cover... lovely?.. well, okay, horrific... but in the nicest possible way!

There is a bit more news! On Thursday, for 5 days, my collection of dark thrillers - '3am and Wide Awake' - will be free on Amazon to download.

And more... the sequel to Father of Lies is Tanners Dell - and I hope to have it ready by April with a release date soon after. Through Authors Reach, all of our books will be available to order in shops in the very near future.


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