Saturday, 23 April 2016

6 month update and new posters

Lots of spooky posters by Gina Dickerson and Gary Walker.... thank you!

Well 'Tanners Dell' goes to the editor in just over a week's time and after that it will be out very soon. I have to say it has twisted and turned during the final draft and morphed into a conclusion I did not's given me night terrors and personally I think it's a lot more scary than Father of Lies... so it will be interesting to see what the readers think!

I will post as soon as Tanners Dell is ready... Meanwhile, if you have enjoyed Father of Lies, I would love a review on amazon! Here are some that have made my little writer's heart soar and kept me going over the last 6 months!

'Boy did this pack a punch and scare me witless..'
'Scary as hell...What I thought would be a standard horror was anything but...'
'It's a long time since I read such a disturbing book..'
'A truly, truly terrifying read...How terrifying? It had me reaching for my rosary...'
'I can't wait for the sequel...'


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