Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Launch Party for Tanners Dell

Almost here! The sequel to 'Father of Lies' - 'Tanners Dell' - is also a stand alone novel, but ideally follows on from the first. Personally I think this one is a lot more scary and the feedback I've had so far is that it knocks spots off the first one... well I guess the idea is that we improve not deteriorate so I am happy with that - it's been 6 months of solitary confinement and hard work so all I would like is for the reader to enjoy....I've posted the synopsis on the Tanners Dell page (tabs at the top) so you can see where I'm taking this story now.

The kindle will be ready a couple of days in advance of the launch date (probably around the 26th) and hopefully the paperback will just make it in time for the main event. It's an online fb party on Sunday 29th May 6-8pm to let everyone know it's out... there will be a couple of paperbacks given away, a few excerpts from the book and some scary surprises.... so wear black, have a stiff drink to hand, and it might be best to make sure the bulb in the landing light's working... I'd love you to drop in!


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