Thursday, 5 May 2016

The sequel is coming!

My occult horror novel, 'Father of Lies' left some unfinished business! But six months on I am happy to say that the sequel is nigh. 'Tanners Dell' is due for release in 3 weeks time! So what happens in this one? Ah, well this is absolutely full of surprises - yes for me too. If you haven't read 'Father of Lies' it might be an idea to read it first, but 'Tanners Dell' will stand alone too. You see we've only really scraped the surface so far....Set in a bleak South Yorkshire mining village, a young woman committed attempted murder on a man she apparently didn't know. Subsequently incarcerated in a secure forensic hospital, it took two years for her secrets to finally be unlocked using hypnosis therapy. After that, all hell broke loose... but no one really knew why. Well now we're getting down to it...only when I started to delve into the horrors of Woodsend, they just kept on coming...

Out w/c May 23rd... on kindle with paperback to follow shortly after.
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