Saturday, 11 June 2016

Book 3 coming up!

I'm starting Book 3 on Monday now I've done some seriously terrifying research on your behalf! No, please, don't thank me.... the night terrors were my absolute pleasure! And boy have I got a scary story coming up to follow on from Father of Lies and Tanners Dell... got the title (under wraps ...) - woppy doo - and all being well, I'll have it ready by Halloween....meanwhile there are lots of new reviews for Tanners Dell coming in:
'Powerful and Disturbing'
'A corker of a follow-up'
'Absolutely NOT for those of a nervous disposition..'
'Dear Sarah, please hurry up and write the next book, I am totally ensnared!'
'One of my top reads this year by a favourite new author'

So that's very encouraging indeed and inspires me to spend the next 5-6 months on the dark side in solitary confinement living on toast and coffee... Thank you so very much to everyone who wrote a great review on amazon and or goodreads - it really does help enormously. I can't thank you enough! Now I will once again step into my writer's lair...   



  1. I imagine your writers lair has dark stone walls, velvet crimson drapes and black candles ��

  2. There are bats in the belfry and a black cat sits on my lap while I dip my quill into goblets of blood....cackles....

  3. Very excited, Sarah, it'll be another corker!!!

    1. Ah thank you so much Shani... you make my little writer heart sing!


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