Wednesday, 1 June 2016

No. 1 in British Horror

Just over a week ago 'Tanners Dell' was launched into an unsuspecting world, as the sequel to 'Father of Lies'. Now I write occult horror and so it's kind of love it or hate it... yup, I was nervous... but so far I am very happy to say - the readers seem to like it!! Here are just some of the reviews it's had so far
  • 'Occult horror that's unforgettable..'
  • 'A corker of a follow-up and darkly wonderful - really looking forward to the next one!'
  • 'Absolutely NOT for those of a nervous disposition - Sarah goes all out to thrill and to scare and pulls no punches.'
  • Ms England was definitely not a one-trick pony with Father of Lies - Tanners Dell is equally disturbing.'
  • Loved, loved, loved this book - even better than Father of Lies, which says a lot...'
Ms England has done it again - scared the life out of me: one scene in a hotel bedroom, later on in the book, well...I could hardly sleep at all after that!'


So what do YOU think??
Here's a snippet from Chapter 14 to whet your appetite - this is where Celeste, the medium, attempts to connect with the dark side...

'After meditating for a while Celeste picked up the black mirror she rarely used to scry with and peered into its depths. Staring into the mirror in the candle-lit darkness should connect her with whatever or whoever was in the house and fear instinctively swelled inside her chest. Her hands shook. Any second now a face would appear either instead of, or behind, her own.

Who would come?
The black mirror reflected the vague outline of her face and a crown of backcombed hair. She continued to stare into it.
Show yourself
Now the black glass began to waver; very slightly at first like staring into a millpond at night. Fear stuck fast in her throat but she swallowed it down.
Something’s coming.
Stay with it.
All at once the image altered and the eyes reflected were no longer her own.
Who are you? Who’s there?
In response the half-formed face quickly vanished as if down a drain.
Show yourself, you coward
Someone laughed with a long low chuckle that echoed around the kitchen, but she held steady, watching and waiting. A landscape was now being shown to her: swaying silvery treetops and a twilight sky…rooks flying in and out of the canopy… The picture steadily grew as if painted by an imaginary artist, eventually zooming in on a woman hanging out washing in the dark. Rain dripped steadily from the trees and her boots were mired in mud. Zooming in further, the washing appeared to be dirty and saturated in something dark and oozing, yet still the woman’s hands worked, methodically dipping into deep pockets and pulling out more pegs. The mirror crept up like a camera lens behind the woman’s head and a pungent wave of nicotine and wood smoke wafted from the scene, along with the faint sound of ethereal humming… ‘Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie…’ Suddenly, as if sensing an intruder the woman stopped humming. Her back stiffened and slowly, oh so slowly, she inclined her head as if to turn around...

Oh there's more... I now have a newsletter set up - if you click on the sign up form top right then you will be the first to know when the next one's out. That's the thing you see... I wondered if I should stay in this vein but the third book is taking shape - I can't say more in case you haven't read FOL or Tanners Dell.. suffice to say I'm going even darker...And there's more...I had a tiny launch party on facebook on Sunday and there were loads of scary stories and pictures posted on there. To share some of those pics... here they are - look away now if you are at all nervous!

And finally, 'Tanners Dell' made it to NO.1 in British Horror! UK Amazon. Still there too... it's a tiny genre but thank you to everyone who downloaded it and I am so so happy that most people - cross fingers... are enjoying it! 


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