Sunday, 10 July 2016

That Rara Avis...

Well it's just over a month since the second book in this occult horror trilogy was released, so I thought it might be time to take stock and let you know what the readers think of Tanners Dell so far... To  be honest I am thrilled to bits with some amazing reviews.. in fact some of them are so inspiring and well written I've pinched them for my ads! This is one of those... 'Powerful and Disturbing' - I love that!

'That Rara Avis - a truly terrifying horror novel...'
'Wow...just... wow! This book is a deliciously dark cocktail of everything I want and need in a good horror novel...'
'Not only is this a classic, generic horror story, it is psychologcially disturbing...'
'I loved, loved, loved this book - even better than Father of Lies, which says a lot...'
'Omg I am still reeling from this book - I absolutely enjoyed it... it was so intense I feel I watched it in film form...'
'Loved this , want more now , brilliant plot line with plenty of twisting scares, looking forward to more from this author!'
'One of my top reads of the year by a new favourite author.'

Latest Updates: 1. Tanners Dell is already published in paperback on amazon but will also shortly be available for bookstore orders alongside Father of Lies - I will post when it's ready. If you are interested I now have the capacity to arrange signed copies via our Authors Reach website -  where there is a form to fill in and details of costs, which include postage.

2. Next - news on the third and final book in the trilogy: The aim is for it to be ready in time for Halloween. To say it has taken an unexpected direction would be an understatement, and the characters are certainly being put through the proverbial wringer (as is the writer)! Once I have the cover and some more definite details I will, of course post the news... and if you would like to be the first to hear about it please do sign up for my newsletter, which I'll probably be able to send out by early Autumn. I also have another little surprise up my sleeve, so again - if you're on the list I can let you know.

Finally, thank you to every single person who has re-tweeted, followed, shared, posted, liked and most importantly of all - reviewed my work positiviely. I really do appreciate it more than I can say.


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