Thursday, 22 September 2016

Can I tempt you, new reader?

Well every so often the mighty Amazon offers readers the chance to sample new books at just 99p or 99c for the download! Oh so cheap, cheap, cheap....but it does mean that perhaps readers who may not have seen our particular books before or even considered the genre of occult horror...will give it a try! So here's the deal: for the next 5 days my occult horror novels, Father of Lies and Tanners Dell, will be available on amazon for the above price. If you like them...the third in the series.. due out in about 6 weeks time for Halloween...I'm working flat out on that one! So it's an ideal time to try a new author in a new genre, yes? Come brave...cackles....

  A little bit more news now - I recently signed with to have all three novels available on audio as an MP3 download or on CD. The release date for the first two books is November 8th. These will be available via the tantor site and amazon and many more outlets, and frankly I cannot wait to hear the wonderful actress, Henrietta Miere, take on the voice of the devil, Yorkshire coppers and a highly disturbed girl with multiple personalities! Wow what a challenge... so exciting! Needless to say, I will post when the third book is out (kindle will be first, followed by paperbacks) and then the audios...

With regard to the paperbacks - the first two books are available to order in any bookstore. Very few bookstores these days, especially the large ones like Waterstones, will display books other than those provided by huge publishers or established and classic authors. But they are definitely available to order... I am part of a group called Authors Reach and we have facilitated the distribution in the exact same way as the big boys, so yes they can get it for you that way if you want it. Always available on amazon though - just a slightly larger book!

Little snippet more...I have a serial running in My Weekly - part 1 and part 2 will be in next week's issue at the same time  - it's called 'Under Illusions' and is a mystery thriller set entirely around a hospital will be out on Wednesday 28th September...

Well - if you are a new reader here's what the reviews - 300 so far - are saying about this keep the lights on and see what you think!?!

'The most disturbing book I've read in a long time...'
'It's 4am and I'm straight onto the next one...good job I'm retired...'
'A delightfully dark cocktail of everything I want in a good horror novel..'
'A corker of a follow up....'
'Dear Sarah, please hurry up with the next book I am totally ensnared...'
'Actually delivers the frightening goods...'
'I had to sleep downstairs with the lights on after reading this...'


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