Friday, 14 October 2016

Countdown to Halloween!

I am nervously excited now because the third and final book in my occult horror trilogy - 'MAGDA' - is almost upon us...Back from the editor, it is now going through a proofing and polishing stage - so still a lot of hard work to go  - BUT definitely on schedule for Halloween as promised!  Phew!

There's more... first of all things are a bit different for the launch of this one. The kindle will be uploaded, all being well, on Sunday 30th October, followed by the paperback soon after. However, the actual launch party is being organised by Sarah Kenny on facebook for Sunday November 6th pm.  Once I have the link I'll post it, along with everything else...And there are going to be guest authors giving away copies of their books; plus I will be giving away some signed copies of Magda too. If you would like to have all the details hot off the press please sign up for my newsletter so you'll be the first to know!

More... yes more... All three books will soon be on audio courtesy of and Father of Lies is now available for pre-order on amazon and on tantor's own site. The cover is absolutely stunning... It seriously blew my hair back! I cannot wait to show it, but am bound not to until it is on tantor's website good to go. However, I just noticed it is listed in their pre-order/coming soon section and there is a tiny sample (30 seconds) of actress, Henrietta Meire, reading from the spooky scene in Woodsend where Kristy discovers the ancient cemetery and accidentally runs into Paul Dean....!

Tanners Dell and Magda will follow in due course...  and I have to say I am beyond excited to hear these occult horrors being read out loud. How she manages the voice of the devil, a girl with multiple personalities, as well as all thoseYorshire dialects, I will never know.

So next time I post, it will be with the release of Magda, who has already given my lovely beta reader a really bad nightmare...and the cover of the audio, and also the details of the launch party with lots of giveaways!

Thank you so much to everyone who has posted such encouraging reviews on amazon - they have made my little writer's heart dance and spurred me on during the months of self-doubt! Back soon... see you at Halloween....


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