Monday, 31 October 2016

Paperback news on 'Magda'

Just a little update - the paperback versions of 'Magda' - the 3rd book in my occult horror trilogy - are underway. The amazon version will, all being well, be available by Thursday this week - that's November 3rd at the latest. The bookstore option, which is smaller and published by Authors Reach - will be ready by 14th November to order from shops. Again, there is a process to go through that takes time, but it is on schedule and I will post as soon as it's there.

Oh, and I've got the hang of newsletters now  - so if you would like to be mailed once the audios and the new books, publications and events happen - do sign up - top right! They will be rare beasts but  at least you'll be the first to know! Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain! Lovely time of year.. just waiting with some trepidation now for the first reviews to come in.... gulp...


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