Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Audio release

Hot on the heels of completing my occult horror trilogy, the first of the books is now out in audio format with 'Father of Lies' is narrated by English actress, Henrietta Meire... who brilliantly evokes the menacing atmosphere, as well as conjuring voices of the devil, Yorkshire coppers, and a girl with multiple personality disorder - to name just a few of her challenges... I honestly cannot wait to hear it!
The MP3 download and CD are also availabe via amazon on and

The next book in the trilogy - 'Tanners Dell' - will be available by 15th December, and the newly released final part - 'Magda' - early in the New Year!

'Magda' already has some very encouraging reviews (amazon), one of which especially touched my heart because it is written by a survivor of satanic abuse, which was the core reason for writing this trilogy. Here are a few of the comments so far...

'Parts of this novel will take you further into the darkness than you've ever been before...'
'The most disturbing novel I have ever read...'
'What an absolute corker of a read. An unforgettable, outstanding read. Wow!'
'Some of the scenes in this book will haunt me forever....'

'Magda' is also now available in paperback - to order from bookstores or from amazon. The differences are only in terms of size and cost - however, Authors Reach are now addressing this issue and intend to have uniformity in the not too distant future. The read, though, is exactly the same.


Well I am kind of sorry to leave the gang...but the trilogy is now written and with the readers....and listeners...
Authors Reach will be packaging it into a box set and I will move on to new projects. One thing I can say for certain is that I loved dipping into times-gone-by - into witchcraft, superstition and folklore... so maybe the next novel will be along those lines... As more reviews and feedback comes in, not to mention special offers, more audios, signing events and the box set, I will, of course, be blogging! I'm guessing we all need a bit of fiction right now, with the real world looking a bit freaky....Happy reading... or should I say...Scary reading?


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