Thursday, 3 November 2016

Utterly humbled!

I have to share this on my blog because I am utterly humbled and deeply moved by this review for MAGDA - the 3rd in my occult horror trilogy and only just launched. I can't get over it... no more words necessary...

'I only have a few favourite books that will forever sit on my bookshelf.This book will now join them.What an absolute corker of a read ! Wow !! Outstand Ms England !
I honestly feel like some of the characters in this trilogy, have touched my soul in ways that I never thought could happen from reading a book .I never expected to actually CRY during a horror like I did at the end , but it did not feel out of place .I finished the book feeling completely emotionally done in, as well as on edge and terrified. I think mostly ,it's because of the authors skillful writing that you get pulled through the ringer.It makes you care about her characters and I think actually in places, makes the scenes she sets in these books more believable , real and so more scary .I thought FOL and Tanners Dell were scary enough.But oh boy,this one was really scary .
I will miss the gang now there will be no more........but ,I will definitely not forget them..Some of the scenes of these books will haunt me forever .
Also ,as a survivor myself of CSA,I wish to thank the author for handling the subject matter and mental illness so sensitively. I am grateful for the awareness that you have brought to the general reader of our pain.Sincerely, thank you .'


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