Thursday, 29 December 2016

End of December news...

First of all Happy New Year to every single person who is reading this! I hope 2017 will bring you all you wish for!
I have just a little bit of news to end 2016 on: 1. The third and final audio is now out with tantor audio.
Magda - narrated by Henrietta Meire - is available on their website and on amazon:  

 I have to say that once again the artwork is amazing! Really love this - do you?


Next just to let you know that from 26th December to January 1st, both Tanners Dell and Magda are on kindle countdown at just 99p/99c to download - great time to read the last two if you enjoyed Father of Lies.




  1. I've just finished 'Magda'. I'm almost lost for words (unusually for me); rarely, if ever, have I read a book (or books) which satisfied me almost totally! I mostly buy books in the ghost story/supernatural/occult genre and didn't really believe I could be surprised. I always enjoy them but wouldn't always say I'm RIVETED....or JUMPY whilst reading them. This trilogy by the amazing Sarah England has changed all of this! I have cancelled appointments, insisted on takeaways for dinner (to the chagrin of my poor, tired, hardworking fella) because I simply couldn't and WOULDN'T put these down! I'm lucky in that I bought the entire trilogy at once - just as well because the wait for the next book would probably have seen me admitted to the psychiatric ward! Wow! Fantastic! Marvellous! Unputdownable! Second to NONE!.....Just one small and trivial irk which doesn't spoil anything, and yet I noticed it enough to remember it so best to say: in the final book, Magda - in 1583, Magda is searching around Woodpecker Cottage, in the middle of nowhere, when she finds a phial 'jammed well behind the piper's, and this is ,'behind a grubby curtain under the sink unit'. Did they really have such things, esp in an old (then!), isolated cottage? Oh and would Magda have really said, 'who the fuck are you?'? In that age, I just don't think so. Feels too modern a term. Not the 'f'-word, obviously, just HOW she's used it! Mmnnn, Jeff Gardiner, where were YOU?!!���� Can I add that the rest of the dialogue is spot on, esp the Northern! Sorry to spoil an otherwise very good review of three of the very best books I've ever read. I have enjoyed this fabulous story and mourn coming to the end! Thank you Sarah England, MORE PLEASE!!! But next time do think about one big, fat book as I loathe this modern trend of 'next episodes', because I hate waiting. And, far from making me desperate to get the next instalment, after a while, memory fades, you lose the thread and so have to try to recap before you start - then, in the case of trilogies, have to go through it all over again! Perhaps a choice, with the entire story costing more? I, for one, would gladly pay the price! MM

  2. Wow, thank you so much for your comments. As the author I am thrilled to bits you enjoyed the books so much. I'd love to answer a couple of things as this is my blog and not amazon etc.... first, I had originally intended Father of Lies to be a one-off, and never intended to write a trilogy. When I quickly realised readers were not satisfied and wanted a sequel I wrote Tanners Dell, still not anticipating writing a trilogy. So it wasn't intentional, is what I'm saying - to ever write a series and leave any reader hanging on. My next book - the one I am doing now - is definitely a stand-alone.
    Next - the pipes and the curtain. Well you may well have a point about a water pipe but I think there would have been a curtain to hide a shelf in the kitchen. Looking at illustrations of interiors around that time I'd guess that would have been the way to hide the less ornamental aspects of a kitchen area, but the water pipe - hmm...yes, it would most likely have been just a well of some sort. Thank you for that!
    The northern dialect is really what I've grown up with. I did research the use of the f*** word and found it was definitely used in that time period, and I tried not to use the way of speaking that they would have used in the 16th century because I'm not a historian and would have got it wrong. However, I really do take your point there.
    Well in summary - thank you so much for your amazing comments and for taking the time to write on here. It is hugely appreciated and I will gladly take your comments on board to help me produce better and more accurate work in the future.
    One final word - the next book will be one big fat one! lol
    Warmest wishes, Sarah England


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