Thursday, 22 December 2016

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! What a year 2016 has been.... If anyone had told me what I was in for I would not have believed them - but there have been flashes of sublime euphoria in amongst some of the darkest days of my life. And all has ended ok! Well, we all like a happy ending, don't we? Except in horror... cackles... which brings me to the flashes of euphoria. Thing was, I ended up working 14 hour days for much of the year because following Father of Lies, which was released last October (2015) I then saw the necessity of a sequel, and then the burning compulsion for Magda, to bring what became a trilogy to its conclusion. And now that trilogy is done....Ok, look, here's a little story for you...
It all began with a lady who broke my heart. She knows who she is and may even be reading this. That lady inspired Ruby, and if you have read this trilogy then you will know and hopefully care very much about Ruby. As I had spent much of my life in or near the Derbyshire peak district and lived in a haunted mill, I moved the story setting to the gritty north of England... around the mining area of Doncaster to be precise, and near to the hospitals in which I'd worked as both a nurse and a medical rep in psychiatry. The story of Woodsend then began to take on a form all of its own. After researching the dark arts I realised that yes, this does still happen, and it's happening now. I read countless stories about demonology from both priests and survivors, and my interest became seriously piqued. Oh my good God, the horror of it! 
However, during this time it seemed my life became inpossibly difficult and everything was against me in terms of ever being able to write it all down. I almost lost everything. But the story was told. It's done. And now it is up to the readers to decide what they make of it....I will miss my cast of characters because they are so real to me, but Ruby will always be special.
So thank you to every single person who bought, reviewed and messaged to say how much they had enjoyed these books. Frankly, I have been blown away by some of those reviews ... and that is where the euphoria I mentioned earlier, came in. It is those readers and those reviews...that lifted and encouraged me to keep going!

Well Father of Lies made it to No.1 in Occult horror and British Horror on amazon in both the UK and the USA last week! Yes I have the proof - above! So in the one year the books have been out they are reaching lots of new readers... over 420 reviews so far... it is looking hopeful! And the audio of Tanners Dell is now available with Magda out on 3rd January. Here's a preview of the cover for Tanners Dell: now out with tantor media and on amazon. I wish I could show you Magda because that's a really scary cover but it's a week away yet...

Finally - what about book 4? Well it's started. I'm on it. Yes it will be dark and sinister and yes it will be set up north... but the rest is so cloak and dagger even I don't know what is going to happen. Except I am aiming for next summer and it's very different. Different to what I anticipated and different to anything I ever thought it would be. I will keep you posted. If you would like to be on the newsletter then the sign-up is top right of this blog... newsletters will be rare beasts but you will be first to hear about a pre-order and any other events or bits of hot news!
So all that remains to say is I hope you have a great Christmas or Winter Solstice or festive holiday.. and a wonderful 2017!

With warmest wishes.... here are my dark little compliments for the season.. cackles... enjoy...



  1. Sounds good Sarah. Happy Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Steve - hope you enjoy it and Happy New Year!!! :)

  2. Happy Christmas.Sarah, and here's to a great 2017! So looking forward to your next book - Aargh!!!!

  3. Thanks so much, Shani! Happy New Year to you too and have a fabulous 2017! :)


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