Saturday, 3 December 2016

Happy December news!

Courtesy of the highly talented Gina Dickerson of RoseWolf Design - these are some of the gorgeous new posters she's done for the 'Father of Lies' trilogy... now available as three seperate kindles, paperbacks or audios; or bundled together in a kindle trilogy. (We are currently working on a box set for the paperbacks and hope to have news on that soon...) Well I hope you like her amazing artwork!  I've also mixed in some of the, frankly, astonishing reviews - from over 400... the trilogy has received on's a shame I can't also quote those on facebook because there are some seriously 'blow your hair back' comments on there I'd love to share... But the main reason for this post is to consolidate the year... The trilogy is now done and I'm going to miss it...
This is my end of year recap on the whole whirlwind journey I've been on... followed by upcoming news.... 

'I've been so engulfed I managed to read this in just 24 hours...and I just want more... '

'Absolutely NOT for anyone of a nervous disposition!' 

'It's rare to find a book that can scare you these days, but this definitely did.'
'The best book I've read so far this year..'

'Enormously frightening...I rarely give 5 stars but this outstanding achievement deserves all of them. Black magic never seemed so real...'

'One of the most disturbing and truly terrifying books I've ever read... Thank you for the nightmares!'

'Darkly disturbing is not strong enough to describe the fear this work can elicit late at night...'

'A deliciously dark cocktail of everything I want and love in a good horror novel..'

'Omg I am still reeling from this book...'

'I read all of the James Herbert's books and since have not found anything that grabs me... until now...'

'I only have a few books that will forever sit on my bookshelf. This will now join them. What a corker of a read - outstanding Ms England!'

'Absolutely brilliant - scared the bejesus out of me...a 5* must read!'


And now for something new.... I've started the next project and it's going to be dark and sinister...of course... but rather different. The aim is to take 6 months or so in the writing, and right now I'm deep in research and note-making. This one is so tightly under wraps even those closest to me don't know what it entails. All I can say is that it's in my head, it's taking shape, and I'm quietly excited about writing it.

I'll post again around Christmas with  some special offers and news on the paperback box-set.. Until then have a brilliant Christmas shopping time (!) and enjoy your reading... Thank you to every single person who has reviewed these books and supported me in what has been one heck of a year! Warmest wishes xxx



  1. Great posters - and reviews.

  2. Thanks Patsy! Really appreciate your comments!

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