Tuesday, 31 January 2017

February 2017 News!

*** Little surprise coming before end of Feb... ***

Hello February! You find me very hard at work....The fourth book is cracking along now but is still very tightly under wraps. However, I hope to have some news on this by next month when I'll peep out of my dark lair for a breather. Meanwhile, here are two fantastic new posters from Gina Dickerson of RoseWolf Design,  for the Father of Lies trilogy.....

I've also had an amazing thing happen... a reader who loved the audio of Father of Lies has made me a collector's Harris Tweed wristwatch in gothic midnight blue.. just for me... sometimes I am just blown away by readers who write the most incredible reviews and comment on my facebook ads or even send presents like chocolate or chocolate fudge... and now this... I mean, WOW! Talk about spurring me on... Well I will have some more news soon but I have to get back to work because I'm currently deeply engrossed in the story my characters are telling... Oh, just one more thing.. I have to quote this particular review because it put a smile on my face all day... it really is worth reading...

'....England blends it all together with an excellent plot and a big ole mystery for flavor and in the end you get a heaping helping of gumbo. Perfectly seasoned, not too hot or cold and leaving the reader asking for more
Books 2 and 3 here I come. This is the soup and desert..'


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  1. Just brilliant....had the trilogy as a Christmas present from my partner's mother and I must admit that I started reading Father of Lies 2 weeks ago and every spare moment was spent with my nose in each book.
    Can't wait for Ms England's next triumph!!


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