Tuesday, 14 March 2017

March news!

Quick updates! First - not many people know that all three of the Father of Lies books are bundled together in a box set for kindle! And even fewer know it's on offer for half price this week! That means £2.99 for all three books (normally £5.97) ... ends Sunday 19th March! There are over 550 reviews across amazon now for this occult horror trilogy so I hope the offer might tempt a few readers to try a new author.... and that they enjoy the scary ride! 

Next - stunned to find my collection of thrillers, crime fiction and tales with a twist, has reached no.1 and 2 in crime> anthologies... on amazon in the UK! Almost all of these were originally written for magazines, with some of the darker ones going to anthologies; so I packaged them together along with a couple of crime fiction serials and so far readers are enjoying them - with all 5* reviews. Just 99p/99c too. If you'd like to try - here's the link for kindle and paperback - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06X6GZZJV

And finally - the next book! I can now say for sure that the title will be, 'The Soprano' and that it is defiintely another in the occult horror category (!) and that I will have the synopsis and cover ready by next month, with a view to launch in August.
This one is very close to my heart as it is set in an area where all of my family on both sides grew up. The research is personal as I interviewed my 82 year old dad along with trying to make sense of my late grandfather's scrapbook! On top of that there is a wild and very rich history and the intrigue of a true story on the perimiter of my own family - one which was a bit of a shocker. Interwoven, of course, is the horror and darkness you've come to expect from my twisted little mind.. cackles... A tough and near torturous write, I am now making good headway and on schedule for summer.
Oh, and in the middle of all this, came the idea for the book after this one... a weird spin-off from the Father of Lies trilogy complete with the cover and title in my head. That will be later in the year, though. For now... The Soprano is coming and she is more wicked than I ever imagined.... so, so very evil!
Cackling laughter.....

**STOP PRESS... thrilled to have been interviewed for the London Horror Society... http://londonhorrorsociety.co.uk/rising-stars-sarah-england/

***STOP PRESS... Check out the new 1 minute trailer for the Father of Lies trilogy... courtesy of http://www.jonathantemples.co.uk:  https://www.youtube.com/c/SarahEngland

More in April! Happy Easter everyone and watch out for evil bunnies.. just saying...


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