Sunday, 7 May 2017

Horror films that scare are rare....

The Lady Witterer pontificates on horror films...

I decided to write a short piece here on horror films because very few scare me these days. Maybe because as the self-appointed Queen of Horror - 😎-  I'm becoming immune to them, or do producers need to up their game? What do you think?

The genre of horror, as we all know, encompasses many things - zombies, apocalypse scenarios, slasher blood and gore movies, screaming teens using Ouija boards, ghosts and haunted houses, and of course, demonic possessions! I'd say most of the former don't touch me... but possessions usually do. I still say they've been done now though, and new boundaries are sought because we are intelligent beings and need this...😜! Having said that, there are some serious classics I can watch again and again and they still creep me out, basically because they are excellent films. And a couple really do give me nightmares (marked with a *). So here is my list of horrors/thrillers that either really do scare or at least are clever and well written... In no particular order...

1. The Exorcism of Emily Rose *
2. Rosemary's Baby
3. The Exorcist
4. Amityville Horror: The Possession (prequel)
5. The Visit
6. Psycho
7. The Haunting of Radcliffe House *
8. The Orphan
9. Salem's Lot
10.Wolf Creek
11. The Monk
12. Silence of the Lambs
13. THEM *
14. The Wicker Man
15. The Omen - 1,2 *
16. The Babadook
17. The Borderlands
18. When The Lights Went Out.
19. The Entity
20. A Tale of Two Sisters

I honestly find films like The Conjuring far too overdone/overblown to hit home... even though I read the Ed and Lorraine Warren books and they scared me witless. Personally, I think the key is to keep it as close as possible to what could really happen. I may have found Blair Witch scary too if it wasn't for that really annoying female lead who I was more than happy to see the back of... :)  lol.... Think I cheered when the witch got her! Ditto with The Borderlands - there were some very scary moments in that, particularly when the priest was on his own in the church at night! But the male lead got on my whatsits... when he screamed at the end I smiled like the evil mare I truly am.. Cackles... Finally, I've heard good things about The Dark Ring but haven't got to see it yet as it only seems to be in the USA at the moment. Well, enough about films... Please do comment if you have any great suggestions! I do watch other genres too.. love historical and courtroom dramas and a great thriller. At the moment I'm eagerly awaiting Lady Macbeth. But generally speaking, I think these other genres are done better and it's a truly terrifying horror my little weird and blackened heart yearns for...
Well now I have to get back to work - it's Sunday after all.

Quick update:
The Soprano is not the same kind of horror as The Father of Lies trilogy - in fact I'm going to put her in Supernatural Thrillers... but I can guarantee you some horrific moments.. (cackles) ...which yet again involved freaky research. Something else will be a first too  - The Soprano will be available on a pre-order basis very soon.
I'll post again in a month or so with the pre-order details and a fuller synopsis than previously posted. Thank you so much for reading!

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